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April 2, 2013
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UtAUMASTER - Makune Hachi by MishaRoute UtAUMASTER - Makune Hachi by MishaRoute
For the UTAU RP Group :iconutaumaster:
Come and apply! It's based on the game, "iDOLMster' u vu/

EDIT: Updated the art + outfit cuz i hated it before LOL


Name: Hachi Makune
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11'
Date of Birth: 10.18
Rank: RARE +
Voice Sample:…
Group: N/A
Company: Prefix.Co

Personality: Having been rather spoiled when growing up, Hachi is a very self entitled child. She loves nothing more then having the spotlight be on her. She wears the cutest clothes she can, and gives her best smile to everyone around her. She doesn't even need to try hard to be liked. Her petite frame and cute childish face brings her admirers from all over. Developing a rather sharp tongue, Hachi fully expects things to go her way. If things aren't going as she expects, she will pout until someone yields to her. She has no issues with calling people out when they treat her, as she calls it, unfairly. Even though she has plenty of female friends, she also had come to obtain more then a few enemies. She figured these girls were just threatened by her cuteness, further inflating her big head. This all isn't to say Hachi isn't a sweet girl. She's honest and kind to people that are kind to her. She loves to make as many friends as she can, and if they can handle her ego, then they will make a loyal ally. Because not much has ever gotten in her way, she always sticks up for what she believes is right, and will easily call people out when she thinks they are acting rudely.

Biography: Hachi grew up in a rather busy household, as her father was a photographer and her mother a journalist. Her parents were always traveling around the world, often leaving her with her grandparents. She wasn't lacking love though, as her grandparents spoiled and pampered her. Whenever her parents returned home, they tried to make up for all the times they weren't home by spoiling her even more. Their entire house was covering in shots of Hachi by her father, who loved to take photos of his daughter. Hachi loved all the spotlight that her parents poured on her, even if she was a little sad that they weren't always around. She grew into a child who loved to smile and have attention. She was always rather popular at school as well, living her middle school days in popularity and happiness. Hachi, though she didn't let her egotistical side totally consume her, does enjoy getting her way. She made it a point to participate in all kinds of clubs and activities, so she would always be surrounded by people.

Hachi never really knew quite what to do with herself when the career sheets would come down the isle, though. Her parent's lifestyle didn't seem attractive to her at all, and her grandparents didn't have the most exciting careers ever. She knew deep down she wanted to be surrounded by people for as long as possible. It wasn't until she was going home with some friends, did she notice a public concert going on at the large public park. Curious, she dragged her friends along with her to witness the event. That was the first time she ever saw Macne Nana sing, and from then on, she was converted into the largest fan. She followed all her events and instantly joined her fanclub. The thought of becoming an idol herself, however, didn't come until her last year of Middle School. Hachi attended a karaoke session with her friend, who insisted that she come and meet some boys with her. Hachi and her friend didn't know many people at the mixer, and because of that, Hachi was pretty bored with the entire situation. It wasn't until it was her turn to sing, did she perk up a little. She, of course, chose a Macne Nana song to sing. Pouring her heart and soul into the song, she attracted the attention of everyone in the room. After finishing, she found herself getting questioned if she was a singer, her blood type, and if she was single. Hachi basked in the glow, smiling and telling everyone she wasn't exactly a huge singer. One girl pipped up that she could certainly become an Idol. Surprised, Hachi turned the idea over in her head a few times, before grinning and agreeing with the girl.

Not even a day later, Hachi flung open the door at Prefix.Co, demanded they audition her. Calmly, the receptionist told her she needed an appointment. Hachi refused to budge. She would arrive day after day for two weeks, asking for an audition. Finally worn down by her insistence, the receptionist begged someone to come and look at this girl, fully expecting her to get rejected. Hachi beamed when they told her she was going to get a chance to preform for a talent scout. When the scout arrived, she gave him her most charming smile. Not even an hour later, she was given an idol spot under the 'Passion' tag. From that day forth, Hachi has poured her entire soul into being as great an idol as she could be. She has already been in the idol industry for six months by the time the she was finally placed into a group.

+ Animals; Birds and Dogs especially
+ Video Games; If Hachi can win at something, she will try her darn hardest to get good in order to win
+ Cereal; She can eat it at any time, anywhere
+ Macne Nana; The ultimate idol in her opinion
+ Cute Outfits; Hachi loves to dress up

- Most sweets; contrary to her looks, she really can't handle sweet things
- Being upstaged; Even though she will support her friends, she really doesn't like losing
- Getting Reprimanded; As a child, Hachi was very spoiled. Thus, she doesn't like getting yelled at or reprimanded.
- Shy people; Hachi just can't relate to people who don't talk much.
- Being alone; She just hates it

Extra: She enjoys pulling pranks on people, but they usually aren't anything to serious. She just likes too have a good laugh.
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Sorry, but no wings ;v; maybe you could make them pined on, just pins, or something else?
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